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Performance Enhancement and MORE!

Revitalize Your Life with Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Discover a renewed sense of vitality with Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).

From increased energy and improved mood to enhanced physical performance, our personalized TRT solutions aim to optimize your overall well-being.

Performance Enhancement and MORE!


of men 40 years and older suffer from Low T


Testosterone declines each year after 30

Transform Your Health

Our comprehensive Testosterone Replacement Therapy aims to optimize every aspect of your health, providing a holistic approach to vitality and a vibrant life.

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  • Do I qualify for a Virginia medical marijuana certification?
    If you are a Virginia resident with a qualifying diagnosis from a previous or current medical provider, you likely could qualify and benefit from medical marijuana. To become a Virginia medical cannabis program patient, you must: · Be a Virginia resident · Have a condition that may benefit from the use of cannabis products · Have a valid government-issued form of identification If you meet these qualifications, you must receive a written certification from a qualified healthcare practitioner before purchasing medical cannabis. Parents or legal guardians may be listed on a written certification for a minor or vulnerable adult to purchase medical cannabis on their behalf. A patient, parent, or legal guardian can also designate a registered agent to purchase medical cannabis on the patient’s behalf. Certifications are valid for one year unless the practitioner designates an earlier expiration.
  • Do minors or incapacitated individuals qualify?
    Yes. ​ Registration is a voluntary process for patients and not necessary to obtain medical cannabis. Registration is only required for parents/legal guardians and registered agents of a patient if the practitioner did not include their name on the written certification. Up to two parents/legal guardians and one registered agent can be on a written certification. The cost for registration and annual renewal is $50 for patients and $25 for parents/legal guardians and registered agents. Allow for approximately five business days to process complete applications with payment. Registration is done through the medical cannabis portal.
  • What are the qualifying conditions?
    Some common conditions treated with medical marijuana include but are not limited to: ​ · Chronic pain · Neuropathic pain disorders · Terminal illness · Cancer · HIV/AIDS · Anxiety · Depression · PTSD· · Severe Nausea · Epilepsy and other seizure disorders · Glaucoma · Neuropathic pain disorders · Crohn’s disease · Anorexia and bulimia · Inflammation ​ Any diagnosis that your practitioner determines could benefit from medical marijuana can qualify.
  • How long is my Virginia medical marijuana card valid?
    Your Virginia medical marijuana card is valid for one (1) year from the date it was issued.
  • ​Will insurance cover the fees involved with obtaining a Virginia medical card?
    Unfortunately, no. This service is self-pay and solely patient responsibility.
  • Can I just go to any medical provider in Virginia to issue a certification for medical marijuana?
    No, only medical providers who have registered with the state of Virginia to be able to certify patients for medical marijuana may issue written certifications.
  • Do I get an actual medical marijuana card?
    No, the law no longer requires a patient to receive a registration card from the Virginia Cannabis Control Authority (CCA). A patient’s parent, legal guardian, or registered agent is not required to register with the CCA if the practitioner designates them as such on the written certification. If not designated on the written certification, a parent, legal guardian, or registered agent must register with the CCA to receive medical cannabis on behalf of the patient. When a practitioner completes a written certification, it generates a digital “Validation of Written Certification”. This digital validation can be printed out as needed or stored on an electronic device. Patients who choose to register with the CCA, at the cost of $50 per year, will receive a digital registered patient card in addition to their “Validation of Written Certification.”
  • Where can I find a registered dispensary in Virginia?
    There are several medical marijuana dispensaries located in Virginia that are available for qualified patients. Find one near you here.
  • Can I use my card in another state to purchase medical cannabis?
    Yes, other states may honor a Virginia patient registration card to purchase and consume cannabis products within their state. Each state establishes its own regulations regarding visitor purchase allowances. The best way to find out is by contacting a dispensary in the state you plan to visit.
  • Does this certification or medical cannabis card protect me from employer marijuana drug screening?
    No. There is not any current legislation in place that protects medical marijuana patients in the workplace from receiving drug screenings or disciplinary actions following the results of drug screening. We recommend you become fully aware of your employer’s policy regarding drug screenings and medical marijuana before moving forward with the process.
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